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Join us for a training session as our guest.

Note; For Sales Directors & Business Owners only! 

Caroline Robinson, MD at Sandler Cambridge leads this collaborative session, providing insights and practical solutions that will shed light on challenges such as;

  • How to improve win rates.
  • How to stop sales people discounting.
  • How to stop free consulting and advice.
  • How to accelerate and close lengthy and unpredictable sales cycles.
  • How to establish common sales language and processes that scale.

Client Results;

  • Retained their best salespeople for longer
  • Quadrupled turnover with 10X growth in new clients
  • Save £10,000’s per year by not pursuing the wrong opportunities
  • 20-35% annual growth
  • Increased close rates to 70%, without compromising on margin
  • Growing a customer base from 15 - 1,300 in two years
  • Increased sales of 32%, profit up 100% & hiring better talent

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