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About Sandler Training in Cambridge

Dedicated to your success

Meet Caroline Robinson

Sandler Training in Cambridge is run by Caroline Robinson, who also acts as a business development coach. Caroline’s career has spanned strategy consultancy, recruitment, training and people development. She spent eleven years working for one of the leading global strategy consultancies to the healthcare sector (IMS Consulting), advising blue chip pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, GSK, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca. Caroline has for many years also acted as an advisor to SME companies in the early years of starting up, with a particular focus on business development.

Effective Communication for Increased Opportunities

About Sandler Training in Cambridge

Communication is key with Sandler Training. In fact, communication is key to everything you do – from sales, to leadership, to service, and beyond. So long as you clearly understand how you communicate and the communication style of those you interact with, you’ll be able to turn focused conversations into actionable opportunities.

Our training centre in Milton Hall - Ely Road, Milton, CB24 6WZ is perfect for your weekly training and bootcamps.

Through weekly communication training at the Cambridge Training Center, you’ll benefit from:

  • Environment

    An environment that keeps you focused

  • Sounding Boards

    Objective sounding boards on how to move through conversations

  • Support

    Support in keeping you accountable for your stated goals (both personal and professional)

  • Confidence

    Gaining the confidence to have intentionally guided conversations

  • Positive Interactions

    Positive interactions with other individuals looking to increase their own opportunities

  • Recognising

    Ways of recognising other people’s communication styles (and, therefore, buying process)