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1) Selling is not only about delivering quality products and services. 

And, it's not simply about solving clients' problems, or providing them with pathways for accomplishments. 

Successful salespeople view client and customer interactions not as "transactions," but rather, as relationships based on performance and reputation. They recognise that delivering what prospects expect is not enough. Sure, the clients will be satisfied. But, merely satisfying clients - giving them what they paid for - is not the hallmark of exceptional service. Successful salespeople make it a point to deliver more than what is expected. 


2) "New" isn't always better. 

And, the "tried, tested and proven" isn't always the most appropriate. 

Successful salespeople aren't afraid to "Shake things up" now and then. They are always on the lookout for ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency - for themselves and their clients. More importantly, they put their clients first, if they can provide the same service for a lower fee, or provide a greater service for the same fee, they do so without hesitation. They understand the beneficial long-term impact of putting the customer first. 


3) The marketplace is always changing. 

Competitors come and go. New products and services are introduced. Customer demands change. Economic, political and geopolitical conditions influence buying patterns. 

Successful salespeople invest the time and effort to keep abreast of developments affecting their industry. Their marketplace, and the needs of their customers and potential customers. And then, they take action to preserve, protect, and enhance existing relationships, and capitalise on emerging opportunities. 


4) Intentions do not equal results.

Successful salespeople know that once the deal is "sealed," it's time to perform. And that means taking actions - doing whatever is takes to deliver that which was promised. There may be hurdles to clear and detours around which to navigate, but there must never be excuses for lack of performance. 


5) A scarcity mentality breeds scarcity. 

And, an attitude of abundance leads to opportunities... even during times of change and uncertainty. 

Successful salespeople recognise that there are plenty of opportunities to go around. They don't cling to an opportunity of dubious value for fear that there won't be another to replace it. Neither do they make unreasonable compromises to close an opportunity because of the same fear. 


6) Rewards are the by-products of contribution. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote an essay on the topic of "Compensation." The essence of his message is that the world is essentially in balance. And, what you receive is equal, measure for measure, to what you contribute. 

Successful salespeople understand that to receive more, they must give more... not only to their customers and their colleagues, but to their family, friends, and community. When they give more, opportunities appear. 


7) You cannot achieve success in a vacuum.

Successful salespeople realise that achieving high levels of success requires joining forces with other people who will not only hold them accountable for their intentions and actions, but also help them identify and develop new opportunities. 


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