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Sandler Certification For Sales Professionals

Become a Sandler Certified Sales Professional and Fast Track your Career
Cambridge | May 9th 2018

If you are a Sales Professional with ambitions to fast track your career, then getting and sustaining an edge over your competition is going to be vital. There is no better way to stand out and get noticed than to take control of your own career, demonstrating personal accountability and self leadership.

Typical challenges you'll learn to eliminate

Buyers who won’t return your calls or emails?

Time wasting with leads who look interested but eventually disappear.

Objections, stalls and roadblocks for shorter sales cycles.

Concessions and discounts for a healthier bottom line.

Expensive proposals and presentations to people who can’t or won’t make decisions.

The need to rely on cold calls to fill your pipeline.


  • Develop a rapport with prospects.
  • Have a sincere desire to help them solve problems, face challenges, or achieve goals.
  • Control the selling process by establishing up-front agreements with your prospects about the progression of the selling process, and who will be responsible for what.


  • Concentrate first on the degree of fit between what you have to offer and the prospect’s problem, challenge, or goal.
  • Determine if the prospect is willing and able to commit the necessary resources to acquire and use the product or service you will eventually propose.
  • Before you begin working on solutions and presentations, determine exactly how your offer will be judged—and by whom.


  • Closing activities only take place with prospects who have “survived” the qualifying stage and have agreed to make a decision at the conclusion of a presentation.
  • Presentations should focus only on the pains uncovered earlier in the process—nothing more; nothing less.
  • Post-Sell activities will “lock up” the sale and facilitate the transition of the relationship from buyer-seller to partners working toward a common goal of delivery.

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